A chi romanamente cadde A chi romanamente cadde A chi romanamente cadde

“A chi romanamente cadde”

(To those who Romanly fell)

by Claudia Donzelli

“This little documentary is about everyday aspects of Rome which are seldom tackled. The victims of the epitaph become all those who “fell” under the circumstances, not only historical but economic and social, we are living in.”

The situations, and the imagery, a girl living in the Tuscolano suburbs area (Rome) comes across, from her getting back home.

Note of the director
This short film was inspired by and connected with a text for theatre I wrote in 2011 about the conditions people of my generation are living in, due to the economic crisis and the lack of opportunities (cf. “Bombed House”).

concept, shooting and photos by Claudia Donzelli
editing by Sator Productions, Rome, 2013
location: Rome, Termini station, Tuscolano area
cast: local people, Claudia’s hand and legs, Cane (Dog)
original shooting format: avchd
running time: 5’
all rights © Claudia Donzelli

It was presented at The 9th European Independent Film Festival – ÉCU Firsts, Cinéma Le Lincoln, Paris, 5th of April 2014



all rights reserved © Claudia Donzelli