Entrare dentro l’opera rossiniana

(Entering Rossini’s opera)

workshop + performance – directed by Claudia Donzelli as external expert

Jan.-Apr. 2019

curators Prof. V. Caprotti and P. Zocchio

funded by the Piano Triennale delle Arti (Triennial Plan for the Arts) of the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University, and Research), 2018-19

initiative by middle schools IC Don Milani, Bonatti, Bellani, A.Frank, Ist. Olivetti – Monza (Milan)

cast: class 2C – Scuola Leonardo – IC Don Milani

Performance on the 15th of April 2019 – Teatro Manzoni, Monza (Milan)

a short documentary of the workshop was screened in the foyer of the theatre on the occasion of the performance
video credits: direction, shooting and editing concept: Claudia Donzelli
technical editing: TKV, Milan

photos by Franco Di Lalla

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all rights reserved © Claudia Donzelli