Une descente dans l’abîme – étude sur Marguerite Yourcenar

(A Descent into the Abyss – Study on Marguerite Yourcenar)

by Claudia Donzelli

“…ma connaissance de moi-même est obscure, intérieure, informulée, secrète comme une complicité (…) sa forme semble presque toujours tracée par la pression des circonstances; ses traits se brouillent comme une image reflétée sur l’eau”
M. Yourcenar

“From a place, which inspired the Memoirs of Hadrian, a study on Marguerite Yourcenar comes to life, on the inner perception of the self, and the encounter with the other and with human limits, in a dialogue of places, memories, and The little mermaid, fathoming the “abyss”. The photographs of Villa Adriana were taken during a visit organized by the Centro Internazionale Antinoo per l’Arte in 2013. They are exhibited free of charge by courtesy of the Istituto Autonomo Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este – Ministry of Culture. Heartfelt thanks to the Istituto, and to Éditions Gallimard which authorized the use of the texts”

photos by Claudia Donzelli

virtual exhibition by photoSHOWall

Started in 2000 as a theatre project, the research was presented as a photographic and literary study at the international Colloque Yourcenar 2023: “Marguerite Yourcenar entre la construction de l’oeuvre et la vérité de l’art” organized by IULM University, University of Pavia, Société Internationale d’Études Yourcenariennes, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the author’s birth

26-27 October 2023

IULM University, Milan

brochure 2023 – IULM

In this form the study premiered in 2022, on the 80th anniversary of the publication of “La Petite Sirène”, at the State University in Milan, on the occasion of the Milano Photofestival, which had signalled my work at the reading of portfolios in 2021.
Free sponsorship by Università degli Studi di Milano – Department of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Mediations
In collaboration with: Commissione Scientifica della Biblioteca di Mediazione / Scientific Board of the Library of Mediation

Site of the exhibition 2022: Polo di Mediazione Interculturale e Comunicazione / Department of Studies in Language Mediation and Intercultural Communication
Piazza Indro Montanelli 11, Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), M1 Sesto Marelli
Exhibition space: entrance towards the Library hall
Opening: 10th of October 2022, h15
Closing: 21st of October 2022, h13
From Monday to Friday 8-19:30 – Free entrance

Inauguration: 12th of October 2022, h16:30: presentation by Prof. M.C. Paganoni, Prof. A. Bramati, Claudia Donzelli

brochure 2022

Press conference 2022



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