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theatre adaptation by Alejandro Buchelli Gomez from Oscar Wilde’s novel of the same name

directed by Giovanni Nardoni

Teatro Libero, Milan

from the 30th of Nov. to the 23rd of Dec. 2000

role: the Maid in love with Camille Des Grieux

in the cast: Fabrizio Raggi, Massimiliano Benvenuto, Gianna Breil, Massimo Vulcano, Viola Pornaro, Manuel Rufini, Alessandro Gruttadauria
original music: Pierluigi D’Amadio
costumes: Velia Cecchini
set designer: Leonardo Fabbri
photos: Marco Rossi

This late 19th century work whose attribution is not certain deals with homosexuality and aesthetic pleasures. The challenge of the Maid role in the show was having a delicate love scene immediately followed by a rape scene


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