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Italia. Un sogno

by & with Vittorio Grigolo

directed by John Pascoe

prod. City Sound & Events, Milan – Vittorio Quattrone

opening: Teatro Filarmonico, Verona, 10 Sept. 2016

Sept.-Oct. 2016 tour:
Teatro Fraschini, Pavia, 13 Sept.
Teatro Petruzzelli, Bari, 18 Sept.
Teatro Comunale, Bologna, 21 Sept.
Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti, Modena, 24 Sept.
Teatro Goldoni, Livorno, 1 Oct.
Teatro Grande, Brescia, 5 Oct.
Teatro Rendano, Cosenza, 8 Oct.

singers cast: Vittorio Grigolo (tenor), Mihaela Marcu (soprano), Francesco Ciotola (tenor), Hersjana Matmuja (substitute soprano)

actors cast: Giuseppe Attanasio, Giuseppe Brancaccio, Paolo Cives, Luca Di Martino, Claudia Donzelli, Melania Fiore, Laura Locatelli, Anna Olkhovaya, Marta Ossoli, Stefania Santececca, Filippo Tabbi, Sofia Taglioni, Andrea Tibaldi

conductor: Alberto Meoli

Orchestra Sinfonica di Asti

chorus (differing in each venue) directed by Sonia Franzese

set and costume designer: John Pascoe

more than 200 costumes by Atelier Brancato, Milan

light designer: Alberto Negri

director’s assistant: Marta Ossoli

battle scenes choreographer: Paolo Cives
Venice scene choreographer: Anna Olkhovaya

stage director: Gaetano Conato

production director: Antonio Quattrone

photos by Giovanni Daniotti

Venice ensemble scene photo by Eva Mulas

“A tribute to opera tradition through Italian history”.
20 famous music pieces set in 20 different scenes of moments of the Italian history and art; Roman emperors, Renaissance, Venice culture, Italian unification process, World Wars, “dolce vita” icons, contemporary times and technology. A love story dream unifies the show, while the characters keep some of their connotations through the different epochs. 3D video installations complete the pictures, as the audience discovers new meanings and possibilities for renowned arias by Verdi, Donizetti, Puccini, Rondò Veneziano, Cilea, Respighi, Leoncavallo, to be performed in what is halfway between an opera and a musical. Battle scenes, seduction scenes, masks, slow motion, forward and rewind scenes for a cast of 16 actors and singers.

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