Le Sue Mani

Le sue mani

short film

by Simone De Domenico – 2lire, Minimacinema – 2010

film script: Stefano Piantoni, S. De Domenico
photography: Manuel Muccio
camera: canon 7D

role: leading character
reverse playing

finalist in the contest “Action for Women” against violence to women
jury: G. Tornatore, F. Comencini, R. Torre, Van Dormael, E. Magrelli

presented at the FilmVideo Montecatini Cinema festival and at the 3rd Festival de Cine Italiano de Madrid

synopsis: a story of abuse through the thoughts of a woman as she does her make-up
concept: the film is in reverse play, so the acting had to be in reverse too. The woman seems to be making up but gradually she uncovers the wounds on her face, which were prepared in advance by the make-up artist, and the actress’s movements had to be organized in order not to mix make-up and wounds. The emotional reactions were studied in reverse too in order to coincide with the voice-over.



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