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by Instabili Vaganti (Italy), Lalish Theaterlabor (Kurdistan/Austria)

dir. Anna Dora Dorno, Nicola Pianzola, Nigar Hasib, Shamal Amin

Festival Attraversamenti Multipli, Rome, 6-8 Oct. 2015

support of Municipality of Rome, Creative Europe programme

“Megalopolis” is an international project about the 43 students disappeared in Mexico which develops as a protest against the tragic facts in Ayotzinapa, and the desaparecidos question in general, touring different cities after opening in Ciudad de México in 2012.
In Rome it was organized as a workshop and performance during the Attraversamenti Multipli festival.
The festival, directed by Margine Operativo artistic group, “questions the relation between contemporary artistic practices and the present, inserting events in urban spaces, unusual locations and vital places of the metropolis”.
“Megalopolis#Roma” took place in Largo Spartaco, a square in a difficult area on Rome’s outskirts.

photos by Carolina Farina, Fabio Montemurro, Instabili Vaganti Compagnia Teatrale



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