Claudia Donzelli graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the State University in Milan (Università degli Studi, 2002), with a thesis in History of the English Theatre on director Katie Mitchell.
She studied acting with Tatiana Olear of St. Petersburg’s Malij Drama Teatr, and in workshops by open competition of the Biennale di Venezia with Thomas Ostermeier of Berlin Schaubühne and with Simon Stephens, of the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D’Amico, of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, and of Mario Martone with whom she worked among others.
She published the following studies about theatre and performance:
National Theatre – “Il Gabbiano” di Katie Mitchell e Martin Crimp (N.T.-“The Seagull” by K.M. and M.C.), in “Ariel”, 2, Bulzoni ed., 2008, pp. 39-58, winner of the Prize for Poetry and Literature “Nuove Lettere” of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Naples;
Katie Mitchell: un Teatro con delle Responsabilità (K.M.: a Theatre with Responsibilities), in “Tess”, 4, CUEM bookshops, Università degli Studi, Milan, 2004, pp. 141-170.
In 2014 she started to present some moments of study of a project of hers about “the betrayed generation” and forced cohabitation, then opening the question to living together in its manifold aspects, at: IX European Independent Film Festival (Paris, 2014), Festival Inventaria (Rome, 2014), IT Festival and Open IT residencies programme (Expo in Città, Milan, 2015), Arts’R’Public (international project for Arts in Public Spaces co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme, 2016), HORS Festival (MTM Teatro Litta, Milan, 2017), Festival InDivenire (Rome, 2017).

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               Italian agent: Bonelli Consulting

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Claudia Donzelli

News: Apr. 2018 – reading marathon “Poi, abbiamo cominciato
             la Resistenza”, on women partisans – NTA, Milan

             Feb. 2018 – participating in the Feltrinelli Camp
             international workshop on Urban Studies, by open
             competition – Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli,
             collab. DAStU, Politecnico, Milan

             Feb. 2018 – shooting a promo video for the Banco
             Alimentare charity initiative – Emerald Communication
             prod. – Milan area

             Jan. 2018 – shooting a corporate promo video for
              Piano B prod., Milan

             Oct. 2017 – my project “Cosa significa convivere – reperti”
             workshop + performance of artists and young migrants
             Festival InDivenire – org. by Sala Umberto and Spazio
             Diamante, collab. Baobab Experience, Rome

             Sept-Oct. 2017 – “Sul senso del coabitare – studio
             di una fenomenologia della convivenza” – installation
             on my research project “What it means to live together”
             HORS Festival – MTM Teatro Litta, sala Foyer, Milan

             June 2017 – shooting a promo for the Motorionline
             magazine – Fiat Tipo SW – Milan area

             Apr. 2017 – Press conference on “Italia, un sogno” tour
             interventions by V. Grigolo, dir. John Pascoe, prod. V.
             Quattrone, Prof. A. Bentoglio – Palazzo Reale, Milan

             March 2017 – small appearance in tv series “The
             comedians” – dir. by Luca Lucini, with C. Bisio
             prod. Sky, Dry Media, Milan

             Dec. 2016 – working in Arts’R’Public, Euro-Mediterranean
             project for Arts in Public Spaces – co-funded by the
             Creative Europe programme – Eurocircle – third phase
             Crossroads – Genoa

             Nov. 2016 – recital of our collective text “Come le cicogne”
             (“Like Storks”) – Bookcity Festival – prod. Outis,
             MigrArti – MiBACT – MUDEC, Milan

             Oct. 2016 – tour of “Italia. Un sogno” by & with Vittorio
             Grigolo – directed by John Pascoe – final dates:
             Teatro Goldoni, Livorno – Teatro Grande, Brescia – 
             Teatro Rendano, Cosenza

             Sept. 2016 – tour of “Italia. Un sogno” by & with Vittorio
             Grigolo – directed by John Pascoe – forthcoming dates:
             Teatro Fraschini, Pavia – Teatro Petruzzelli, Bari – 
             Teatro Comunale, Bologna – Teatro Comunale Luciano
             Pavarotti, Modena

             Sept. 2016 – premiere of “Italia. Un sogno” by and with
             Vittorio Grigolo – directed by John Pascoe – Teatro
             Filarmonico, Verona

             Aug. 2016 – rehearsing “Italia. Un sogno” by and with
             Vittorio Grigolo – directed by John Pascoe – 
             prod. CitySound & Events, Milan

             Aug. 2016 – in Simon Stephens’s workshop – Biennale
             College Teatro – Biennale di Venezia, Venice

             June 2016 – my project about living together included
             in the publication “Creation and Displacement – 
             Developing new narratives around migration” by IETM
             International network for contemporary performing arts


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